Disparate Info & Advice for PMP Exam Students on Linkedln… Needs Organization

I had a previous post before regarding the disparate information that we are receiving on Linkedln’s PMP Study Groups and other PMP facilitation for PMP Exam groups.  Most of the time the same questions are asked repeatedly by PMP students who wants assistance in their studies.  I want to initiate a project that can counter the repeated information and advices given, and  have a more organized way of helping students learn PMP exam.  For example, if we can use a real FORUM instead of messaging each other on Linkedln would  be a nice start.  I will look into it but appreciate if someone else can assist me in the process.  Please put under the comments section your email if you are willing to help out this new project.  Thank you all!


Update as of April 15, 2017

I have created a forum strictly for PMP Exam Study Students.  It is now complete.  You can post your knowledge and questions on the following forum website:



Jenna Chou, PMP


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